Only one week to go until the official launch of FilmBath Festival 2017!

Find Your Film 2017


Check out this fun animation we’ve been working on in the office to celebrate the 27th FilmBath Festival!

We have lots of fantastic films screening across Bath. Here’s the full schedule, so get your tickets whilst they’re hot.

FilmBath Pop-up Cinema: Wonder Woman

Last weekend, we put our pop-up screen to the test. Check out the video!

Last weekend, FilmBath Festival put on a fantastic pre-DVD release pop-up screening of Wonder Woman in Springfield Park, Foxhill. Though the rain poured, there was a great community spirit with people bringing tents and setting up camping chairs to watch Gal Gadot and Chris Pine in the superhero epic. Along with our brand new inflatable cinema screen – which we have thanks to funding from Theatre Royal Bath’s Creative Fund and through FilmBath supporters – delicious pizzas and warming coffee, the whole experience was made perfect.

The pop-up screenings offer local families the chance to see films like Wonder Woman and Beauty and the Beast.

As part of my journey working with the festival this year, I got the chance to film the event. Here are some of the highlights:

Don’t forget that we’ll be in Bath City Farm this weekend, 30th of September, screening Disney‘s latest rendition of the classic Beauty and the Beast. Come along and see our inflatable screen in action.

Inside FilmBath Festival: Week One

Desperate to get some work experience but not sure how? Follow the Film Bath Team of Volunteers and see what we learn on the way.

Are you looking to gain experience in marketing? So am I.

That’s one of the many reasons why I’m volunteering for FilmBath Festival this year.

I’m no stranger to marketing and blogging. However, as we all know, to get into the industry you need solid experience. With an obsession with film and TV, I just had to apply to be a content creator for FilmBath. Well, originally I applied to be a marketing assistant. Because of full time work and freelance projects on the go Holly Tarquini, the festival’s Executive Director instead offered me something that was perfectly tailored to my experience. Continue reading “Inside FilmBath Festival: Week One”

2015 Reviews: Star Men

By Henry Heffer

As Eisenstein supposedly said; doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. However, in terms of astrophysics, an infinite number of different results occur after the completion of any such ‘thing’. In fact, quantum mechanics takes it one step further and dictates that- anything can happen, at any moment. Continue reading “2015 Reviews: Star Men”

2015 Reviews: Cartel Land

By Bridie Rollins

It is with deceiving ease that Director/Producer/Cinematographer, Matthew Heineman transports us deep into the world of Mexico’s drug cartels.  One could be forgiven for thinking that ‘Cartel Land’ is a work of fiction. The striking cinematic framing along with the interweaving narrative structure seems too clean and polished for the subject matter. This juxtaposition between form and content is perhaps intentional. It leads ultimately to a powerful and provocative cinematic experience, as we follow two vigilante groups, one from each side of the US /Mexican border as they confront the horrors of the cartel war. Continue reading “2015 Reviews: Cartel Land”

2015 Reviews: Life

By Maisie De-Pulford

September 30th 2015 marked fifty years since James Dean died in an untimely car crash, 24 years of age and on the cusp of super-stardom. In tribute to such an anniversary it is obvious that a biopic of the young actor should and would be made, but what director Anton Corbijn offers with his new film Life is something much more interesting and deconstructive than the expected eulogy. Continue reading “2015 Reviews: Life”